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Planed softwood production and consumption. Trends 2005-2010
In year 2006 Gardino Consulting has analysed, on account of the European planing mills association (VEH) the Italian market of planed goods. It is the first analysis of this market.

Many companies “know something” about this market, but nobody had analysed
up to now, with a sophisticated method, its real size, the relationship
between domestic production and import, future trends, reasons for choosing the different planed products, trends of the main segments of consumption, etc.
We remember here that all existing “official” statistical data, both
concerning imports and production, are totally unreliable, therefore we have had to build charts with the produced and imported quantities, based on our research.
As indicated we have made this research for VEH and now, in agreement with
VEH, we have decided to make this study available also to other companies which might be interested.
We report below the index of the research.
Upon request we can send more detailed information.
The cost is Euro 500,00.
The research is available in Italian and in German in PDF form. In German it
is also available in hard copies, and the cost must be increased of the
delivery cost.
Buyers of the study must respect the copyright and will not use any of the purchased data outside of the purchasing company.

Index of the research

1 - Scope of the research

2 – Method of work and limitations of the study

3 – Synthesis of the research

3.1 – Trend of the building industry and consumption if wood in Italy

3.2 – Consumption, production and import of softwood planed goods

3.2 – Used wood species

3.3 – Sectors of utilization of planes softwood

3.4 – Channels of distribution of planed softwood
3.5 – Geographical distribution of planed softwood in Italy
3.6 – Conclusions and suggestions

Chapters of the study

4 – Some data about the construction industry and about wood consumption in Italy
5 – Consumption of planed softwood in Italy. Domestic production, import, consumption and trends for the next 5 years
5.1 – Italian consumption and import: official statistics
5.2 – Italian consumption of planed softwood according to Gardino Research 
5.3 – Production
5.4 – Import
5.5 – The main countries exporting planed goods to Italy
5.6 – Forecasts about trends of production, import and consumption of planed softwood in the period 2005-2010 
6 – Used softwood wood species
7 – The main segments of consumption of planed softwood
7.1 – Segments of consumption
7.2 – Roofs
7.3 – S4S, planed strips
7.4 – Walls
7.5 – Softwood flooring
7.6 – Do-it-yourself
7.7 – Gardening
7.8 – Decorative wall panelling
7.8 – Other uses
8 – Channels of distribution used for planed softwood. Trends
8.1 – Building materials  (B2B)
8.2 – DIY and gardening  (B2C)
9 – Consumption in macro-regions in Italy

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