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ad hoc studies

2014 Azerbaijan and other Caucasic countries
Furniture retail distribution
2014 Mongolia Due diligence for a furniture industry
2013 Europe Very light weight hardwood plywood
2013 Italy Light weight OSB 
2012 Europe Market for Canadian hardwoods
2012 Bulgaria Steel furniture industry
2011 Italy Analysis and trends of wood houses
2011 France Production and distribution of DIY wood products
2010 Europe Sales of bamboo items
2010 Italy Analysis of domestic first processing industries
2010 Turkmenistan Due Diligence for an investment in a furniture industry
2009 Europe The market of furniture components
2009 Europe Analysis of special hardwood plywood
2009 Europe The market for a South American hardwood species
2009 Serbia Due diligence analysis for financing a large furniture producer
2008 Europe Finished products which might be produced of a secondary hardwood species
2008 Europe Potential market for a large plantation teak producer
2007 France Softwood planed goods market
2007 Costa Rica
Developing forest investments in gmelina and teak
2007 Romania Assistance to furniture industries
2006 Europe Light-weight plywood market
2006 Europe Market of glue-lam engineered products
2005 France Distribution of wood products to retail merchants
2004 Malaysia Remodeling of the furniture industry sector
2004 Latvia Building a wood information centre
2003 Chile Plan for a composite panels industry
2003 Europe Assistance to furniture industries
2002 Chile Development of a secondary hardwood species
2002 Russia Market potential for export of finished wood products











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