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The Chinese plywood industry
Western countries are considering with great attention the rapid growth of the Chinese economy.
China is surprising every day observers, even those with considerable experience of this country, achieving continuously new results.
China is becoming or it has become “the main producer …” or “the main consumer …” or “the main importer …” of many different items, such as ships, steel, concrete, oil, shoes, textiles, electronics, etc.
The market of these very different items a few years ago was not heavily influenced by China, while now China has acquired a tremendous weight on the global market of commodities and finished products.
Moreover its economic expansion does not seem to have an end. Many economists are analyzing the Chinese performance in order to see if the so-called “bubble” of the growth, of the inflation, of the bank loans, of the building industry, of the aggressive export will collapse, but there are few signs of this at the time of writing this report (June 2005). Many “informed people” believe that Chinese growth will have to slow down, or even drop, but this is not happening yet.
Also the wood sector has been heavily influenced by China. This country has rapidly become one of the main wood importers in the world, and it is producing a huge quantity of different wood items. The main destination of manufactured goods is generally the Chinese domestic market, with a population of 1,3 billion people, growing of 40 million every year and with a growing purchasing capacity.
China is therefore a country of destination of many wood products from other countries: it imports all types of raw wood (logs, sawn timber, veneer, wood panels) and of manufactured items.
However in the meantime Chinese industries, with a rapidly growing production
capacity, are also looking into export markets for remunerative prices. China is
therefore becoming a major exporter, especially of furniture and of plywood. These items have flooded the Western World at incredible prices, causing strong reactions in industries, Associations and Governments. There have been anti-dumping actions which have brought to import duties on certain Chinese products.
There is great interest therefore in the Western World for the Chinese market, both for supplying it with any type of wood products and for buying there other wood products. Gardino Consulting Company has invested in the last three years considerable time and efforts in Asia, and it has acquired a good knowledge of this part of the world (if a West European Company can have a good knowledge of East Asia …). It has therefore prepared this report, which is fruit of trips to China and of many interviews made to the main Chinese plywood industries. The report will be a very useful tool for all companies wishing to make business with China.
The report is sold at Euro 2200 for PDF copy and it must be used only within the purchasing company. It cannot be reproduced in any way.

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