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Multi-Client Studies
  Published: June 2004

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Number of pages: about 340

The price for this report is  Euro 1.500,00

For the first time all the main European wood product importers have been analysed and described in a unique report.
The Directory will be an essential tool for general and sales managers of companies producing logs, veneer, any type of wood panels, sawn timber, wood components, furniture components, flooring components, edge-glued panels, laminated items, glues and varnishes, wood machinery, etc.
It follows a similar report edited in 1998, covering only 9 European countries: that report has been a best seller, but now a new edition was necessary.

This research allows a very precise photography of the main wood-product importers in each European country.
It will keep its importance for years to come, thanks to the unique provided information.

These are the countries included in the research and the number of companies analysed in each country:

  • Austria about 25 companies
  • Belgium about 30 companies
  • Denmark about 10 companies
  • Finland about 6 companies
  • France about 85 companies
  • Germany about 110 companies
  • Greece about 30 companies
  • Ireland about 15 companies
  • Italy about 120 companies
  • Netherlands about 25 companies
  • Norway about 1 company
  • Portugal about 30 companies
  • Spain about 85 companies
  • Sweden about 10 companies
  • Switzerland about 30 companies
  • United Kingdom about 85 companies

For each company we provide the following information (see sample of some pages of the research in “more information”):

  • Precise name and address. For many companies we indicate if they belong to a larger group
  • Phone, fax
  • E-mail and web-site
  • Name of one or more contacts (generally the purchasing manager and/or the general manager)
  • Annual sales and number of workers (for almost all companies: in many issues sales are not last year sales, but they are older, as provided by interviewed companies)
  • Main wood products and wood species the company is using

These are the main purchased products analysed in the research:

  • Nordic pine
  • Nordic spruce
  • Central European softwood (spruce, larch, pine, etc)
  • Domestic softwood (spruce, larch, douglas fir, many types of pine, etc.)
  • European hardwood
  • American hardwood
  • African hardwood
  • Asian hardwood
  • South American hardwood and softwood
  • Edge glued panels
  • Laminated and Finger Jointed wood components
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • Mdf
  • Veneer
  • Doors (including cabinet doors)
  • Mouldings (including furniture mouldings)
  • Flooring
  • Other products

For getting the supplied information we have interviewed, one by one, more than 2.500 companies.

These are the contents of the report:
Part 1 - Presentation and method of work.
Part 2 - Companies description with all details, in alphabetical order.
Part 3 - Companies using each analysed product in each country (e.g. all companies using plywood, or Nordic pine, or edge-glued panels, etc.).
Part 4 - The main 15 companies in decreasing order of sales in each country.

Managing Directors and Sales Managers of every company must evaluate their sales strategies:

  • Is our customer base good?
  • Are we selling the right products to the right customers?
  • Is our penetration with each existing customer sufficient, or can we sell more to our customers?
  • Shall we produce new products, largely required by importers in specific countries, which we are not offering at the moment?
  • What has been and what will be the process of concentration of importers in a certain country?
  • How far has it gone up to now?

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